As a growing adult, I have seen myself in places like clubs and bars not just to drink but to socialize as well. It’s a way for me to relieve all the stress and most likely, just to hang out with my best buds. And last Wednesday night, right after my work shift, I got the chance to enjoy my night together with my co-bloggers over at Vizio Bar. It’s been a while since I last saw them and it was just the perfect moment to catch up.
Vizio Bar is the newest place to hang out in Tomas Morato. It is just beside 7-11, near UCC Vienna Cafe. We have passed this bar quite a few times before but it wasn’t open yet. So finally, I got the chance to visit it! Unlike some bars in the area, Vizio Bar has that expensive and exclusive vibe to it. It starts off with a red carpeted stairs with mirrored balusters and a cool reception are.
It was really overwhelming. To wrap the night, I really did enjoy. But just to set your expectations, in my opinion, Vizio Bar caters to a more mature audience (around 25+) and supports the LGBT community so expect performances that are comedic by gay performers. But yeah, personally, I still find the place exciting and an alternative to what night bars usually are. A lot of things are going on. Anyways, here are more pictures of the night we had! You might notice that it wasn’t full, and that’s because it was just a soft launch.

Sitting on their VIP couch. Damn! Those leather seats… really reminds me of the Victorian era. Me gusta!

Wearing a paisley button down from Randy Ortiz for Bench. More of this look on my next outfit post!! 

A simple meeting with the Vizio Bar team.

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That’s it! Vizio Bar is located in Tomas Morato corner Scout Castor St. ( On top of 7-11) Quezon City, Philippines The initial hours of operation will be from 9:00 pm to 6:00 A.M., Mondays to Sundays. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!
- Justin -

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  1. Justin Buenagua

    These seems like a lot of fun – night outs, drinks and such are also a time to socialized – naks VIP haha! Well, can’t wait to see more of your ootd’s!

  2. Justin Buenagua

    I’m not a fun of bar and partying during my teenage years…i don’t know why…maybe because my father worked in a bar for 15 years and he always brings me there when I was a kid.

  3. Justin Buenagua

    Wow! It looks so much fun! The last time I had this kind of night was about 11 years ago :)) it’s like my first and last. I hope to do this again this year. Btw, this bar looks like a nice place to hang out with. Not too much (if you know what I mean). Conservative still hehe


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