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The holiday season has just ended but let me just share this quick personal post. Since last season has lots of breaks (which means no office work), I found myself obsessed with Thai movies. One main reason why I love their movies is that they are so shallow. It’s not too complicated. It’s so easy to understand yet it tugs you at your heartstrings. You can really relate to it especially to those who are in their teen age.

Well this list includes my personal top movies that you should definitely watch (I think everything’s a must-watch!) + movies I am looking forward to. The list is not ranked and is randomly listed. Hope you enjoy these movies as much as I enjoyed it! :)

รัก 7 ปี ดี 7 หน (Seven Something) 

This is probably my top Thai movie. The story is split into 3 stories, 14, 21/28 and 42.915 depicting different age brackets with the belief that something changes every 7 years.  Although there are really no exact connections between the 3 stories, it will definitely make you fall in love over again.
The first part 14 focuses on teenagers and the use of social media. This part is really light and funny! It shows how getting too attached to social networking sites and being too “famewhore” can lead to the destruction of a relationship. The part where he took a photo of the food before eating it is just so funny because it is so true!

The second part 21/28 is about a couple who fell in love with each other while filming their successful movie. But because of being too possessive and greedy, they initially broke up. 7 years after, the director is planning to make a sequel of the movie but the guy no longer wants to play the part. This made the girl do desperate measures in an attempt to make him agree and let her revive her career as an actress.

The last part, 42.915 is about a woman in her 40′s who recently lost her husband in a plane crash. Then he met this young guy who is around twice younger than her age and is into marathons. Little did she know, this meeting will change the course of her life. More than a love story, this part is about life, of moving on and taking a step forward and continue to face life as it is.

Although many have loved the 3rd part because of the male lead Nickhun, my fave part would have to be 21/28. It was just so awesome that it really made me cry. Overall, this is a feel-good movie and would make you see the different facades of love.

ห่วยขั้นเทพ (Suckseed)

If you are a fan of music, then this movie is for you! Suckseed follows the story of 3 best friends who are desperate band players. They literally suck! A hopeless romantic, a guy stuck behind the shadow of his better twin, and and another one hoping to finish his unrequited love with a girl. And then there’s Earn, this girl who is an awesome guitar player. As they form a band, they also formed a dream. But the catch is, two of them both love Earn. A story about determination, friendship and love proving that it is okay to suck as long as you don’t give up!
More than the story line, what made me really love this movie are the soundtracks used. They are so cool and pleasing that you just have to search them afterwards. Again, this is another relate-able movie. You will definitely remember those days where you have to choose between your best friend or the one that you love.

เค้าเรียกผมว่าความรัก (My Name is Love)

What if you were given the chance to become a cupid? But the catch is, you cannot confess to the one you love? Q is the most famous guy in the campus. He has everything. Every one wants to be him. Then there’s little fat, ugly girl who confessed her love. But he just made fun of her. Years later, fate has turned. He became a poor salesman and she became beautiful. Secretly, he likes her but she doesn’t care because of what happened during their high school days. And now that he has become a cupid, he has to win her heart and forgiveness and learn what true love really means.

This is a very funny and lighthearted romantic comedy film. I was hesitant at first to watch this movie because of the lack of reviews and compared to other Thai films, this one’s actually not that famous. But after watching, trust me, it is definitely worth it. The ending part was just so emotional especially in the part where he starts to cry.

รักมันใหญ่มาก(Love Julinsee/ Love at 4 Size)

If you have been watching many Thai movies or just familiar with their music and culture, then you definitely know Big Mountain Music Festival or BMMF. Love Julinsee is a 4-part movie that is centered on the festival. 4 stories of different teenagers faced with common teenage problem. The first one is about sex. The second one is about long distance relationship and cheating, the third is jealousy and the last one is about love and friendship.

Although the movie is interesting, I really don’t get the connection with BMMF at all. It’s quite too lame. Also, the stories fell a little bit short for me since the runtime is short as well. However, there are many great parts in the story especially the 2nd one. Plus, the 1st story is so funny!! And who could ever forget the kiss in the last story which is basically the highlight of the whole movie. In the end, it’s still worth watching!
30 กำลังแจ๋ว (Fabulous 30)

Fabulous 30 is a story of a 31-year old lady who just wants to be married. Unfortunately, his long term boyfriend cannot promise it and ended up leaving her for him to think. Then there’s this guy 7 years younger than her. He really loves her. But she doesn’t want to take the risk. And just when she was ready, her boyfriend came back. This movie is definitely a charm! And it lets us realize that age is really just a number.

This is a really good movie. That sometimes you just have to hate the female lead for being too stupid. Come on, just be with him! There’s a lot of cute scenes especially the ones where the guy is sleeping and definitely, a lot of tearful moments as well. The ending is pretty nice and it will make you go back to the first scene.

Well that’s it!! That’s my list of Thai movies you should watch. Notice that this list doesn’t include big movies like Crazy Little Thing Called Love, ATM Rak Error, Hello Stranger, and Pee Mak since I automatically assume that you have watched them already. There’s still more movies out there to watch and if you have recommendations, just kindly comment them down so I could watch them and maybe, put them on my second list! :)

Happy movie watching!!


- Justin -


  • Reply January 13, 2014

    Franc Ramon

    These are a lot of feel good movies. I watched Crazy Little Thing Called Love before.

  • Reply January 13, 2014

    Justin Buenagua

    These are a lot of feel good movies. I watched Crazy Little Thing Called Love before.

  • Reply January 13, 2014


    seems good films for teens to watch. seen some Thai horror film like Nak..

  • Reply January 13, 2014

    Justin Buenagua

    seems good films for teens to watch. seen some Thai horror film like Nak..

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